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Frenchie recipe corner – My OUTRAGEOUS chocolate chip cookies

A few years back, I found this chocolate chip cookie recipe online, and since then it’s been my favorite. My friends & colleague always ask me to bake them … so I thought let’s share this amazing yet super easy recipe! What will you need? a big bowl to mix

Let’s chat bubbly …

Let’s talk about bubblies … I am a massive fan of Champagne as well as any other sparkling wines, so I thought I’d talk about it this week. There are 3 names well known sparkling wines? well there’s actually more, but those three are the most popular ones that you

Frenchie recipe corner – My old aunt’s Rhum cake

YES! you heard it right, Rhum cake … I mean seriously cake and alcohol, yeah I know, how fun right! It is a French recipe known as ‘Baba au Rum’ AKA Rhum cake. YUM It is a pretty basic spongie cake recipe, with a Rhum sirup ,chopped fresh fruits &

Let’s be KIND to one another – RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS day

With Valentines day now just gone, The National random act of Kindness is around the corner, and is  a great way to keep the love hanging around. National random day of Kindness day is on February 17th! TOMORROW! RAK or ‘Random act of Kindness’ was founded in 1995, the main

FITGIRLS Breakfast -Fruity oat smoothie pie

This must be one of my favorites, I blend it all ingredients into a smoothie in the mornings, but y9ou can alternatively make it as an overnight oats. this what my smoothie contains: Oats (40 g, or 1/3 cup) Almond milk (there depends how liquid you like your smoothies) Any

FITGIRLS Breakfast – Pancakes

So I have talked about this ‘FITGIRLS’ lifestyle I have been on, I thought i should share the amazing yet still healthy recipes. Today I a sharing my pancake recipe, pretty cool for Saturday and Sunday mornings don’t they look amazing? Want to know how I make them? Blended Oats

Let me tell you about REIKI

I have discovered Reiki only a couple of years ago, I was highly stressed, and needed for something to help me. I first thought of getting a massage, and then thought, let’s try something new! That is when i met Emma Henderson, I was so surprised how much Reiki affected

Lip injections with Marsha @Clearskin

I am not one of those girls to get anything done, even less on my face… I mean how scary would it be if I ended up disfigured, I am a cute girl. Did I really need more lips?! But since all the cool bloggers, models, actresses where doing it

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