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Frenchie recipe corner – My French Lemon tart

I’ve always love those tiny little lemon tartelettes when I was a child … So I thought I’d give it a try myself, I absolutely love baking, it gets my mind of things and has a tendency to make me happy. find my recipe below (home made lemon custard) 150g

Frenchie recipe corner – My OUTRAGEOUS chocolate chip cookies

A few years back, I found this chocolate chip cookie recipe online, and since then it’s been my favorite. My friends & colleague always ask me to bake them … so I thought let’s share this amazing yet super easy recipe! What will you need? a big bowl to mix

How about a drink – Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz seem to be the latest trend … Seems everyone is obsessed lately, even more in the south of France where I was last week. You could see orange drinks everywhere! So anyways! I started drinking Aperol Spritz last year with my old aunt –  god if she heard

Frenchie recipe corner – My old aunt’s Rhum cake

YES! you heard it right, Rhum cake … I mean seriously cake and alcohol, yeah I know, how fun right! It is a French recipe known as ‘Baba au Rum’ AKA Rhum cake. YUM It is a pretty basic spongie cake recipe, with a Rhum sirup ,chopped fresh fruits &

FITGIRLS Breakfast -Fruity oat smoothie pie

This must be one of my favorites, I blend it all ingredients into a smoothie in the mornings, but y9ou can alternatively make it as an overnight oats. this what my smoothie contains: Oats (40 g, or 1/3 cup) Almond milk (there depends how liquid you like your smoothies) Any

FITGIRLS Breakfast – Pancakes

So I have talked about this ‘FITGIRLS’ lifestyle I have been on, I thought i should share the amazing yet still healthy recipes. Today I a sharing my pancake recipe, pretty cool for Saturday and Sunday mornings don’t they look amazing? Want to know how I make them? Blended Oats

What is: ‘FitGirlsGuide’

So many fad diets out there, so hard to find the one that works for you … I have tried so many, NUTS! I also started dieting way too young, as most of ‘us’ did, also then I was not fat at all … but being raised in France and

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