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LunaMaille jewelry

A month ago I spent a few hours at the Tattoo convention in Dublin, so cool, so many tattoo artist, beauty therapist (permanent make-up) as well as jewelry makers. while there I met Aine, who is the owner and creator of Luna Maille. Aine has been creating jewelry for over

Frenchie recipe corner – My French Lemon tart

I’ve always love those tiny little lemon tartelettes when I was a child … So I thought I’d give it a try myself, I absolutely love baking, it gets my mind of things and has a tendency to make me happy. find my recipe below (home made lemon custard) 150g

BossBabe reading – The Magic of Not Giving a F*** by Sarah Knight

The latest book I have been into is ‘The life changing magic of not giving a F**k’ by Sarah Knight. this book has been translated into 17 languages, it is a best-seller. The idea behind this book is to teach you to leave the ‘clutter’ behind and focus on people

Must watch – An inconvenient sequel

Some of you might not know, but I absolutely love documentaries … yeah not everyone’s thing – I get it! But this one is a must! 11 years ago Vice President (of the United States) Al Gore released the documentary an ‘Inconvenient truth’ Full video is available on Youtube, check

This one is for the ladies

In case you didn’t know Tuesday this week was female Orgasm day! Iam sure you didn’t know thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! no worries, I did not know either, and so thought it would be the best opportunity to chat about the subject. Fun fact –  it is a Brazilian holiday celebrated every year

APP of the moment – Shopping smart – With PleezMee

If you know me either through the blog or in person – you might be aware that ONE, I am obsessed with shopping and TWO I have the best tips. So here it comes PleezMee is a new app that helps you organize and save your next purchase/gifts … the

Frenchie recipe corner – My OUTRAGEOUS chocolate chip cookies

A few years back, I found this chocolate chip cookie recipe online, and since then it’s been my favorite. My friends & colleague always ask me to bake them … so I thought let’s share this amazing yet super easy recipe! What will you need? a big bowl to mix

Beauty product FIND – ‘Wing it’ eyeliner stamp

Every once in a while you stumble upon a product that literally changes your life. I am obsessed with eyeliners, more importantly, that super cute Pin-up style wing – Just makes your eye so beautiful doesn’t it? Changes the entire game! My thing with eyeliners, they need to last forever.

French History 101 – Bastille Day!

What’s the deal with Bastille day, 14th of July in France … Thought I’d explain for those of you who do not know. I know this might feel like a history lesson and might make some of you fall asleep or not even want to read today’s blog. Buuuuuut I

DYI facial masks at home

Stuck on cash to buy a cool & fancy facial mask? FrenchGirlInDublin got you covered! Did you know you can make masks yourself with simple products you already have in your kitchen? Below are a few that actually do work, and are very easy to make because you already have

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